Drop the manual and start taking amazing shots

Eastern Sierras

Wildflowers by day, solar eclipse by dark

Topics Covered: 
– Gain an understanding for the night sky, how to plan for shooting it, locating the Milky Way, working with moon phases, and more.
– Understanding how to manage your ISO/aperture/exposure for astrophotography.
– Learn how to properly light paint a foreground subject.
– Learn how to achieve tack sharp focus in complete darkness.
– Learn how to shoot & create stunning star trail photos.
– Learn how to take full advantage of the Milky Way, even it’s dimmer parts.
– Creating panoramics of the night sky.
– Using off camera flashes to bring life to your foreground.
– Learn how to take advantage of in-camera noise reduction and also Topaz noise reduction plugins.
– Learn how to bring more life to your images via Photoshop & Lightroom.

Required Equipment:
– A DSLR camera with the capability to shoot up to 1250 ISO with low to moderate noise.
– A wide angle lens with an aperture of at least F4 or below.
– Extra batteries and memory cards (I would suggest at least 32gb).
– A sturdy tripod.
– Intervalometer.
– Flashlight (Highly recommend a Maglite or flashlight with a high lumen power).
– Hiking boots. – A laptop, card reader, and at least a trial of Photoshop and Lightroom installed. You can find out how to install a free 30-day trial by clicking here: Photoshop – Lightroom.
– Headlamp with red light (available at Walmart)
– Laptop (please install either Startrails (PC) or StarStaX (MAC)…both are free) Also, please have installed at least the trial versions of Photoshop and Lightroom. Both are available online with 30 day trials from Adobe.
– A lawn chair…trust me, you’ll want it!

$799 per person
$699 alumni discount (if you’ve taken a workshop with me before!)
– 6 Student maximum – This amount of students will allow for a more intimate setting and a better learning environment.

For more information, send Ron an email, below:

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