It’s so important to me that you feel inspired to come along on one of my workshops. Not only through my imagery, but hearing the stories of previous workshop participants and seeing some of the images they walked away with. Below you will find true testimonials from some of the many participants I’ve had the pleasure of teaching.


Ron is a spectacular photographer and creative coach and also takes visitors on photo journeys of the Eastern Sierras and Central California. Coming from Sweden, Ron took me and my family around Big Sur for a photo excursion for several days and I only wish we had more time to explore the area together.  If you are going to the Monterey Bay Area and want someone to take you to the hidden treasures and/or show you how to take better pictures,  I would certainly hire Ron Robinson.

Jill, Stockholm

Thank you to Ron Robinson for all the efforts towards a GREAT weekend…..Have learned alot and appreciate all the dedication/efforts put into this workshop…… I have learned alot and met alot of nice people in the process!! A great opportunity to learn from a very experienced photographer……(the best way I can learn anything).

Sarah, Denver

I have taken many group classes but was looking for a more one-on-one, in the field experience where my particular needs and questions could be addressed.  I was excited to find that Ron Robinson offered this type of experience while we are in Carmel for vacation.  Ron is a patient and thoughtful teacher.  His teaching was exactly at my level, not too basic nor too advanced.  I would highly recommend Ron to any photographer who would like personal, one on one training with a fantastic teacher in a spectacular setting!

Ling Tao, Singapore

Thank you for a wonderful and productive weekend!! I had a great time and learned so much!

Bob, Fresno

I consider myself an experienced landscape photographer but that doesn’t mean sessions with Ron aren’t equally great. I get a real kick out of bouncing ideas off another photographer and Ron has strong technique and great instincts. Ron’s local knowledge is equally important to me. I’ve been to Big Sur a bunch of times but when you have a pro that lives in the area, that gives you a real edge. Ron knows all the great spots, he knows what locations are best at which time of the day or year. So a session with Ron is worth it for me just to pick his brains.

Marie, New York